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The choices for Indian property investors when looking at commercial properties in Mumbai, the commercial hub of India & the focal point for Indian property seekers, are vast to say the least. The options include showrooms for sale in Mumbai, commercial buildings for sale in Mumbai, offices for sale in Mumbai and shops for sale in Mumbai to name a few of the main commercial properties for sale. So how does a prospective Indian property buyer choose which option is right for them. As it turns out our online property site, Jagaha.com, has an entire team of commercial real estate professionals that are here to assist you in strategizing which Indian property in Mumbai would be best suited for you. There are plenty of reasons to consider retail commercial property for sale in Mumbai, given that consumer demand is only increasing as Mumbai becomes a richer and richer city. And one property site that one should consider for your next retail property in Mumbai would be commercial showrooms and shops for sale in Parel.   

One reason to consider a shop for sale in Parel is that it’s easily accessible. Parel is well connected from the western and central side and is connected from Elphinstone Road, Curry Road and Lower Parel. It serves as home to many businessmen and important people of the country not to mention Parel is home to many company's corporate offices and serves as hub to many startups and new ventures due to its connectivity and accessibility.  Parel has many important and high quality commercial buildings in Mumbai that serve any type of office spaces needed. The most notable commercial buildings in Parel are Ashoka Tower and Peninsula Park. Given that there are many affluent individuals in this property site and many corporates choose to have their office space for rent in Mumbai in Parel – there is and will be ongoing consumer demand that will only support the price of the shop for sale in Parel that you will buy.

There are a small number shops for sale in Parel due to the fact that the property site is packed in and is very popular. This high demand for commercial property for sale in Parel in a limited space is a major reason why property in Parel tends to be expensive, but also provides a likely floor if you will to prices of the commercial properties in Parel dropping. Again, given the supply and the demand this property site would likely be an intelligent Indian property buy.

There are number of commercial showrooms in Parel ranging from Woodland to Nike to Reebok to Sula to Bata to Vans to Adidas and many others of such high caliber – many of these commercial showrooms in Parel are the flagships showrooms in Mumbai for those respective companies. The idea for an Indian property investor is to buy a shop for sale in Parel and rent it out to one of these global companies that require commercial showrooms in Mumbai. Buying a shop for sale in Parel could add dividends to your Indian property portfolio.

Do note in this property site there are also a number of hospitals that will only add to the value to your Indian property investment in Parel. One should consider buying a shop for sale in Parel near Tata Memorial, Kems Hospital, Parsi Hospital and many others given the consumer demand in the immediate area is a constant.  

We would be remised if we didn’t also discuss the possibility of choosing a hotel for sale in Mumbai in this property site. To be frank there aren’t a plethora of hotels for sale in Parel, but you can check with us directly and we will let you know the availability of hotels for sale in Mumbai. One important hotel in the area is ITC Grand Maratha.

How to get started? On our online property site, Jagaha.com, choose which retail properties in Mumbai you desire for your potential Indian property purchase and in turn, a member of our team will reach out to you to answer any and all questions as desired by you. There are many online property sites out there such as Magicbricks Mumbai and 99acres Mumbai, but they don’t specialize in Mumbai nor commercial properties in Mumbai as we do at Jagaha.com. In turn we not only have more commercial properties in Mumbai than 99acres and Magicbricks Mumbai, but we have a property site where every single property in Mumbai is verified by our team. It sounds simple, but when considering we have close to 20,000 properties in Mumbai where a member of our team has visited each commercial space, spoken to the developer and landlord and on top of that taken pictures, videos and written a specific write up for that property in Mumbai – it’s no wonder why the other property sites like Magicbricks Mumbai and 99acres Mumbai would love for us to disappear! Our users have fully supported us and if we continue to add value to Indian property seekers when it comes to commercial properties in Mumbai, we feel that we will continue to gain on the likes of Magicbricks Mumbai and 99acres Mumbai. We than you in advance for you doing your Indian property shopping at Jagaha.com.

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