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Our favorite property in Mumbai type just might be restaurants for rent in Mumbai! And we are not alone, the number of restaurants, namely non-Indian food restaurants, in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai has increased dramatically over recent years and is one of the most sought after categories on our online property site when users search for properties in Mumbai. It wasn't too long ago that if someone wanted a nice non-Indian meal for instance they would have to go to a fancy hotel (don't get us wrong, that option still exists and there are plenty of restaurants for rent in Mumbai in hotels), but the number of standalone restaurants for rent in Mumbai have been taken up by not only restaurants, but very high quality restaurants establishment, has gone thru the roof. There are many reasons for this, namely Mumbai has become considerably wealthier over the last decade and a more cosmopolitan City where the desire for different foods and going to expensive restaurants has increased considerably and hence why more and more are looking for restaurants for rent in Mumbai. And if you have read this far and given you are on this page, perhaps you are already considering expanding or finding your first restaurant for rent in Mumbai?

If so, the next question is which property site in Mumbai would make the most sense for your next restaurant for rent in Mumbai. The best way to examine this would be to examine three different commercial property sites in Mumbai and just outside of Mumbai proper that one should examine as options for your next restaurant for rent in Mumbai.

Outer Mumbai: we categorize this property site to include both Thane and Navi Mumbai with Thane located to the northeast of Mumbai proper and Navi Mumbai being due east of Mumbai. The popularity of these locations is due to the fact that Mumbai as a city has grown tremendously and frankly needs more space for not only residents, but for businesses. Office space for rent in Navi Mumbai and offices on rent in Thane are generally less expensive and the same would go for residential properties in Navi Mumbai/Thane. Not to mention properties in Navi Mumbai and Thane, do tend to be newer and located in less of a polluted and congested property site, which is appreciated by many of the residents that have chosen their property in Mumbai is these two property sites. And with a growing middle class and upper middle class, there is plenty of demand for eateries, bars, and other high end venues to enjoy and hence why restaurants for rent in Thane and restaurants for rent in Navi Mumbai should be considered.
South Mumbai: this part of the city is characterized by old British and Portuguese charm combined with brand new commercial buildings in Mumbai and is considered by many locals to be the ritzier part of the City. There has been and will continue to be demand for the finer things in life in South Mumbai, also referred to as Town, needless to say that includes the finest restaurants in the City, where many of them are located in south Mumbai. The restaurant property sites within south Mumbai we would recommend would be restaurant for rent in Lower Parel, restaurant for rent in Parel, restaurant for rent in Worli, restaurant for rent in Breach Candy, restaurant for rent in Tardeo, restaurant for rent in Sion, restaurant for rent in Dadar, restaurant for rent in Churchgate, restaurant for rent in Fort, restaurant for rent in Nariman Point.

North Mumbai: this Indian property site is larger than south Mumbai and has grown from what was mostly considered as a suburb of south Mumbai essentially to having many commercial hubs and offices, with the most notable being offices in BKC, offices for rent in Andheri and offices in Powai as some of the most popular commercial property sites in north Mumbai and in fact these would be some of the best localities when searching for a restaurant for rent in Mumbai as well. The story is similar to that of outer Mumbai, but even more so, in that some of Mumbai’s richest live in Bandra, Khar, Santa Cruz and Juhu —all conveniently on the water or near the water. And Powai and Andheri also property sites where many affluent individuals as well reside, let alone millions of consumers in the growing middle class population that only increasingly desire the finer things in life such as find dining which again leads to north Mumbai as a great option for a restaurant for rent. The following is a list of property sites in north Mumbai we would have you consider for your next food and beverage establishment: restaurant for rent in Bandra, restaurant for rent in 'Oar, rent restaurants in Santacruz, restaurants for rent in Khar, restaurants for rent in Juhu, restaurant for rent in Andheri West, restaurant for rent in Andheri East, restaurant for rent in Malad, restaurant for rent in Powai, restaurant for rent in Versova, restaurants for rent in Ghatkopar.

And just outside of Mumbai proper that are two property sites, Thane & Navi Mumbai, that would also be terrific choices for a restaurant for rent in Mumbai. Thane is located to the north east of Mumbai and is a growing commercial hub with plenty of commercial buildings in Thane and office spaces in Thane, let alone the growing residential population providing demand for restaurants for rent in Navi Mumbai. In the same vain, restaurants for rent in Navi Mumbai would also be a great choice with the number of IT hubs and commercial hubs in this property site along with a growing middle and upper middle class population —the demand for good food is certainly there. Also do note that many Indian property firms are looking to develop in Navi Mumbai as the demand for properties in Navi Mumbai is increasing given the upcoming international airport that will only bring more commerce to this property site.

Mumbai is one of the biggest cities and metropolitan areas in the entire world and finding the right restaurant for rent in Mumbai may take some planning, strategizing and of course executing. We differ from other online property sites like Magicbricks Mumbai as well other websites like 99acres Mumbai. At our online property site, Jagagah.com, we have a team of real estate Mumbai experts that specifically focus on commercial properties in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. The team will assist you from the start of your search for a restaurant for rent in Mumbai until you find the right restaurant space for you and your firm. Lastly, we also want to point out that all the properties in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane on our property site have been visited by a member of the commercial property team so all the photos, videos and information has been verified. We look forward to assisting you in acquiring your next property in Mumbai.

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