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Coworking spaces are becoming more and more prominent not only in Mumbai, but across the globe. Some have gone to say that coworking spaces will be the new normal as there are generally more regulations for companies making hiring employees more expensive and at the same time it has never been easier to be a freelancer, let alone to start your own company and hence why coworking spaces in Mumbai and around the globe have grown in popularity. On top of that, many studies have shown that although most employees want the option to work from home, basically none of them want to work from home full time and thus there is value in having an office space to come to each day where there are other people (fulfilling our human need for face to face interaction and "community" if you will) and yet another important factor in why coworking spaces in Mumbai and beyond have taken off.

It's not only human contact that is important, coworking spaces in Mumbai and elsewhere provide companies with the ability to have a more flexible set up rather than the more traditional office spaces for rent. For instance, for coworking spaces in Mumbai, instead of signing a lease with a lock-in period, the company can choose a coworking space instead on a month to month basis or for just a few months, not to mention Mumbai coworking spaces don't require a large deposit as more traditional office spaces for rent in Mumbai do. Additionally, coworking spaces in Mumbai (and of course elsewhere) offer the ability for companies to easily expand or contract without having to find a completely different office space for rent in Mumbai.

Do note that Mumbai coworking spaces have not just been filled with freelancers and startups, there are large corporates that do come and request massive coworking spaces in Mumbai for their employees for the above mentioned reasons as well as, many corporates, especially ones that have just arrived to India, want to get a feel of their business before they commit to their own office space for rent and hence coworking spaces in Mumbai have been a very reasonable and flexible office space option.

Our commercial property site, Jagaha.com, is tied up with all of the major coworking spaces in Mumbai and many of the smaller players as well, please take a look at which Mumbai coworking space would make the most sense to you and your organization. There are three geographies that we will break Mumbai property sites down into, north Mumbai, south Mumbai and outer Mumbai. For north Mumbai, we would recommend you consider coworking spaces in Andheri East, Andheri West coworking spaces and coworking spaces in BKC as well as coworking spaces in Powai and Kalina coworking spaces. In south Mumbai, take a look at coworking spaces in Lower Parel, Churchgate coworking spaces and coworking spaces in Nariman Point. And just outside of Mumbai's city limits, there are great options in coworking spaces in Thane and coworking spaces in Navi Mumbai.

As you can see there are coworking spaces are all over Mumbai and there are many property site options — we would be happy to run you thru them so you can contact our coworking property in Mumbai team directly or you can inquire on our property site for any coworking spaces in Mumbai that may be of interest.

As you know, the Mumbai metro area is one of the biggest urban areas in the world and with that said, there are plenty of different property sites for your next coworking space in Mumbai. We have shortlisted some of the most popular coworking space locations in Mumbai above, but please note this is just a short list and our team would be happy to go over in detail with you all the property sites for your next coworking space property in Mumbai —the most searched coworking spaces, mentioned above, also seem to be the most well-liked by our users!

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