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Global as well as local Indian property investors have only become more interested and more active in real estate Mumbai, with much of the focus of Indian property seekers being commercial property in Mumbai. And for those with the largest appetites whether ultra-high-net worth individuals, institutions or trusts, such as REITs, certainly consider properties in Mumbai, namely commercial buildings for sale in Mumbai.
The cost for a commercial building for sale in Mumbai ranges from a few million US dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars. The range of the quality of the commercial buildings in Mumbai for sale varies in that regard as well with some being the highest quality commercial buildings in the world (there are many new commercial buildings in Mumbai for sale) as well as very old and run down commercial buildings in Mumbai for sale that could be good candidates for redevelopment. The bottom line is that there is money to be made for any kind of Indian property investor when looking at commercial real estate Mumbai, where commercial buildings for sale could likely prove to be an intelligent Indian property investment.
Commercial real estate Mumbai, is well positioned not only in India, but globally and hence why foreigners are so interested in Indian property, namely commercial buildings for sale in Mumbai. The reasons for this interest in commercial properties in Mumbai comes down to the fact that the City is unequivocally the commercial hub of India, a country that is growing faster economically and is on course to grow faster than any other major country in the world. With that said, Mumbai will be leveraged to that growth with a protected downside as not only India's alpha city, but as one of the world's Alpha cities.

To bring it back to commercial real estate Mumbai, the demand for businesses both foreign and local to have their office spaces, retail spaces etc. in this city will likely only grow. In spite of technology that allows individuals to work from anywhere in the world and the higher costs of doing work in alpha cities, they continue to flourish — take a look at Hong Kong, New York City, London, to name a few. Aside from some domestic hiccups here or there, commercial property prices have rarely come off a substantial amount and the upside has been terrific for such alpha cities. And the same could be said for commercial real estate Mumbai as the city has already established itself as India's commercial hub and the inertia effect, let alone the future substantial economic growth will keep commercial properties in Mumbai well bid over the long term. Needless to say, when examining properties in Mumbai, entire commercial buildings in Mumbai for sale would likely be a good Indian property investment whether buying the building to tear it down to sell it a Mumbai developer for redevelopment of the commercial building in Mumbai or if looking to purchase a new commercial building for sale in Mumbai. If you've decided on commercial buildings in Mumbai for sale, there are a number of property sites to consider for your next property in Mumbai. The best way to look at it would be to split the commercial property sites into three different locations, namely north Mumbai, south Mumbai & the metro area.

North Mumbai has grown considerably as a commercial property site as more and more businesses have opened their office spaces in Mumbai in what has historically been the less expensive north Mumbai. Please note that as there is demand for properties in Mumbai’s north, the rates have increased in recent years and are some of the most prime commercial property sites with examples being commercial property for sale in Andheri East and commercial property in Andheri West for sale. Not to mention the other western suburbs, which have morphed into commercial hubs recently and could be a good property site to buy commercial property in Mumbai, namely a commercial building for sale in Bandra or a commercial building for sale in Khar. One area we will specifically bring up for your next Indian property investment in the commercial building in Mumbai for sale segment would be purchasing commercial property in BKC for sale as BKC offices have become arguably the most sought after offices spaces for rent and sale in Mumbai — many would say that within commercial real estate Mumbai, BKC is Mumbai's commercial hub. With that said, for Indian property investors that are looking for the most premium commercial property site and the highest quality commercial buildings for sale in Mumbai should certainly consider one's next Indian property investment to be in commercial buildings for sale in BKC.

South Mumbai, also referred to many as "Town," has historically been the sole commercial property site in the city and still is today a very important commercial hub for Mumbai. Some would say that towards the southernmost point of Mumbai would still be considered Mumbai's commercial heart – many domestic as well as foreign corporates choose to have their office space in Mumbai in this property site, not mention plenty of high end retailers choose this area when looking for commercial showrooms or shops for rent in Mumbai. With that said, it may be of interest to consider commercial buildings in Nariman Point for sale or commercial property in Churchgate for sale. Given that the supply is limited and will likely remain so and the ongoing demand for office spaces and retail spaces, south Mumbai would be highly recommended if looking for commercial buildings in Mumbai for sale when looking at all Indian properties.  

And lastly, there are two property sites outside of Mumbai that should be considered for Indian property investors: commercial property for sale in Nariman Point and commercial buildings for sale in Thane. These two areas are technically outside of Mumbai property; however, they have grown considerably as they are both easily accessible to the rest of the City and provide better infrastructure than many other commercial property sites in Mumbai. Recently, more and more Indian property seekers are recognizing the benefits of Navi Mumbai specifically when looking at properties in Mumbai in that Navi Mumbai will soon have its own airport which will surely drive up the value of commercial buildings in Navi Mumbai for sale.  
There is plenty to discuss and many factors to consider for Indian property seekers who are considering commercial buildings for sale in Mumbai. At Jagaha.com, we are more than just an online Indian property site (although it is important to note that our online property site has not only more commercial properties in Mumbai than other property sites such as 99acres Mumbai and Magicbricks Mumbai, but also every single property in Mumbai listed on Jagaha.com has been verified personally by a member of our staff), but we have a team of commercial real estate Mumbai professionals that will help you in determining your next investment in Indian property in Mumbai whether it be a commercial building for sale in Mumbai or another type of commercial property for sale in Mumbai — either way our team will help you from the beginning of your search until you have closed the deal as we assist you with negotiation and all the necessary paperwork.

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