Hello all! This is Monday and we are back with our blog!!! This new blog consists of Elite Commercial Properties in the Posh Areas of Mumbai.

Worli is located in South Mumbai. It is famous for various tourist locations like Worli Fort, Volte Gallery, Nehru Planetarium, Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple, etc. BandraWorli Sea Link is a major attraction, which is very helpful in connecting two of the most crowded and busy areas of Mumbai. Worli is a preferred location of business owners as well-built offices and showrooms are available in Worli for rent as well as sale.

Fort is located is in the South Central part of Mumbai. It is a well-developed area with magnificent buildings and architecture. Fort is a favorite destination for art lovers as there are various art galleries in the Fort. Every year, In the month of February, Kala Ghada Festival is held in Fort. Fort equally attracts businesses and companies for its outstanding showrooms and office spaces.

Bhandup is located in the Central part of Mumbai. Many shopping malls and commercial complexes are being developed in Bhandup. Bhandup is close to posh areas like Mulund and Powai, which makes Bhandup the first choice for developers. One of the biggest malls of Mumbai, the Dream Mall is located in Bhandup.

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