6 reasons that make Navi Mumbai the best place to invest!

Navi Mumbai has seen a recent and quick growth in terms of infrastructure and market. Due well-planned structure and less population compared to Mumbai. According to reports, Navi Mumbai is the second best-planned city in India. With low travel time and easy connection to Pune and Mumbai, it provides a positional advantage as well.

  1. Employment opportunities

As many high end IT companies are already building their office in Navi Mumbai which will lead to exponential growth in Navi Mumbai. Having back of huge companies such as L&T, Reliance to have Mindspace in Vashi and World Trade Centre in Juinagar. Therefore there are numerous opportunities for employment in Navi Mumbai.

2. Developing Infrastructure

Having the airport announced and work already starting which will increase huge demand in terms of infrastructure. This will give ample opportunity to companies setting their headquarters in Navi Mumbai for easy transportation which will increase the demand in commercial real estate automatically.

3. Healthy Environment

There is more greenery and cleaner air compared to Mumbai which makes it even more favorable for people to set up their business. Having the largest park in Kharghar called ‘Central Park’ to have numerous trees and gardens build by CIDCO which nurtures the environment even more.

4. Easy commute

This is the main reason why people will prefer Navi Mumbai as it is between Mumbai and Pune which takes 1 hour each to reach which will increase the business aspect in terms of commercial real estate. From well-built railway station to reachable highway makes the commercial sector even more powerful in Navi Mumbai.

5. Less Population

Navi Mumbai is well managed in terms of Population and spread of the people. This ensures a better way to manage a business and a lot of commercial space available due to less population. Navi Mumbai with a population of 18,394,912 compared to Mumbai which has a population of 2,00,00,000.

6. Lower Rates

Compared to Mumbai where we are seeing a lot of commercial real estate prices going off the roof here we can see a better picture as it is easier to get huge commercial spaces with a lot lesser price.

In future Navi Mumbai commercial real estate prices will shoot as high as Mumbai and looking at the structural and infrastructural advantages even more than Mumbai so it gives the best time to invest in Navi Mumbai commercial real estate. In the future we will see many more big companies will invest in Navi Mumbai commercial real estate which will eventually result in more demand from commercial properties in Navi Mumbai.