WeWork – No Longer in India?

One of our team members noticed a change to WeWork’s flagship location in Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) today, November 8th, 2019. 

See the change below? 

Quite apparent… their sign is gone! (And yes there is a new bridge coming next to the BKC commercial building as well – a massive sigh of relief for those who have office space in BKC). 

Now, under normal times we would think that a sign missing would be due to cleaning or refurbishing, but with WeWork in the news for all the wrong reasons that is reflective in a potential $50B valuation to a recent sub $10B valuation- this WeWork sign disappearance could mean something entirely different. Could WeWork be closing down in Mumbai? In India?  

WeWork BKC is not only a premium location in Mumbai for WeWork, but it’s also its flagship commercial building office space in Mumbai (and arguably across all of India). This BKC location could easily be the most expensive one for its user in all of India – perhaps its cost versus other locations is the reason for its potential closure…. 

Who knows, maybe the WeWork sign has just gone for cleaning!?

Let’s see what else the WeWork headlines will bring us in the coming days.