Andheri has come a long way over the last ten plus years from solely a residential and retail hub, to now one of the most popular and sought after locations to rent an office space in Mumbai.

Andheri is the largest neighborhood in Mumbai proper, so big that it is split into East & West. Having said that, we have increasingly been asked by Jagaha’s users outside of Mumbai to explain the difference between Andheri East & West in relation to selecting commercial office spaces in Mumbai.

Andheri West 

Andheri West is an upper middle class to upper class residential location near the Arabian sea. Residential property dominates western Andheri and is a sought after location to live in Mumbai. As this area has become increasingly more affluent over the last two decades, restaurants & retail brands have set claim to the location making it a core area in North Mumbai to come to shop for clothes to have a bite/drink out or even buy a fancy new car! Over the last twenty years Andheri West has been built up in this capacity and thus although there is demand for large office spaces for rent in Andheri West, the real estate demand due to the economics has traditionally gone for residential & retail use. And hence to this day, if looking for an office in Andheri West, you will be in a great location, with plenty of restaurants, green trees and countless great establishments to meet clients, BUT you will largely not have access to large office spaces and for that matter new offices spaces. We would recommend smaller companies that require a charming area that don’t necessitate Grade A commercial buildings and have a reasonable budget to consider an office on rent in Andheri West. Having said that, technically inside the eastern border of Andheri West, once can find brand newly constructed office spaces in Andheri West.  

Andheri East 

As opposed to Andheri West, Andheri East has historically been a middle class to a lower-middle-class suburb of Mumbai. Looking back over the last twenty years, there has been far less demand for it be a higher-end residential area, let alone a retail commercial area, like Andheri West. The reduced costs of land, the availability of plots and Mumbai’s increasing demand for Grade A office spaces for rent in Mumbai led developers over the last ten to fifteen years to start building commercial buildings that would house offices for rent in Andheri East. Fast forward to today, and one will see countless amounts of commercial office buildings in Andheri East, not to mention all of the inventory that will hit the market in 2021 and 2022. Given brand new projects have come up, one can find an office space in Andheri East with floor plates easily of 10,000 plus square feet, making it a destination for large corporates, domestic & international that require that kind of size in a Grade A building. And if you are not looking for a large office space, there are plenty of options for smaller offices on rent in Andheri East as well from about 500 square feet to 2,000+. If you select an office on rent in Andheri East, you will be giving up arguably the charm of the West, but will be in a much more modern building. Additionally, in terms of pricing, Andheri East & Andheri West are largely at parity due to inferior constructions in the West, but is offset by being a more desirable area to be in. Having said that, hypothetically, if one was to put the same commercial project in each area, Andheri West would fetch a 15 to 20% premium. 
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