After all this work one’s doing in Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), where to take a break!? 
Whether entertaining a client, going out with colleagues, friends or family – there are countless options to wine & dine in BKC. And that number is only growing. If looking for a private club, there is one that stands out…. 

BKC’s MCA (Mumbai Cricket Association) was built about 10 years ago and is a club for the entire family. When it was built it was more or less on it’s own, but things have greatly changed with two of Mumbai’s most impressive commercial buildings in BKC, One BKC & Godrej BKC, towering over the MCA which is largely only noticeable in certain areas outside while at the MCA.  

The overall feel of the club is a dark wood, wood panel, old school kind of a vibe absent of any feel of India other than India’s religion: cricket, where this theme is ongoing thru the club, not to mention the massive and impressive cricket pitch that one looks out on from most of the rooms at the MCA. 

Additionally, there are badminton courts, work out facilities, a pool, sauna along with game rooms and multiple lounges. 

To get back to wine & dining, there are three options, an all day dining lounge/coffee shop where we highly recommend the cheese toast and then upstairs a chinesse restaurant which is quite impressive and last but not least, a bar that opens up post 6pm that has the look & feel of an old school high end bar in the United States or Europe. Not the same service (and to be fair, a very reasonable price), but the look!  

How much does it cost to join the MCA in BKC? We are told from a member that as of this writing it’s 21 Lakh Rupees (21,00,000) for life time membership which is not transferable and on top of that a small fee of about 7,000 Rupees a year.   

From the owner of, Otis Critchley, who has countless friends that belong to this club, he has found that most frankly don’t go. There are many reasons for this, some being that Mumbai doesn’t have a strong post work drink culture, the goal is usually to get home and out of the traffic as soon as possible. And on top of that, nobody really lives in BKC or that close, so on the weekends coming down is largely not desirable. 

Having said that, if looking for a private club for the entire family and if you frequent BKC for work, then would certainly consider the MCA especially for the pool alone (as options are limited in Mumbai for a proper pool); not to mention, that the club is hardly ever packed so there should always be a seat waiting for you. 

From a business standpoint, it’s always nice to leave one’s office in BKC, head out the door and just walk over to your private club. This my friends, is priceless, especially in Mumbai.  
If you have to travel from your office space in South Mumbai, then we would say probably best to find another club. Any clubs our readers would recommend?

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