Review of Capital Building, BKC

The Capital Building, BKC

19-story building
Built in 2012 
1,200,000 sq ft built-up 
65,000 sq ft floor plates 

From the owner of, Otis Critchley, having worked in Captial BKC for two years, he provides us with his 5 pros & 5 cons for having your next office at this iconic commercial building in Mumbai: 


  1. Location, in G Block & the heart of G BLock, easy access walking distance to restaurants in the lobby, ground floor and in the immediate area, spoiled for choice. Not to mention, all the face to face meetings you will be able to attend by just walking to them in G Block!  
  2. Great views especially overlooking the Reliance Jio Side
  3. Bragging benefits of being in the most distinguishable architectural designed commercial building possibly in India.  
  4. Your firm can get massive floor plates of over 50,000 sq ft.  
  5. Underground parking & Jio parking next door; you’ll be sorted there. And a bike park right next to the building.  


  1. Lobby had a great opportunity to make it more welcoming, really cheated the space to put in more retail, it’s cramped. Nowhere to sit, very cramped.
  2. During peak hours, it’s a zoo in the morning from arriving outside and that’s if your driver can actually drop you off and if you do ask to be dropped off in front of the door you have to point to the driver 5 times to show him where the entrance is, then once you get in, phew, madness. 
  3. Elevators have constant issues and there is a literal human rush hour from 9am to 10am and from 5pm to 7pm, where it’s unbearable. If coming from Bandra station it is a bit far, also commuting in and out can be really tough, useless security where you literally beep and doesn’t mean anything. 
  4. In terms of a ‘good crowd,’ I’m not saying it’s bad, but it’s very eclectic. It doesn’t compare to some of the other buildings such as Maker Maxity. Not to take away from call centre gigs, but there are companies in Capital BKC that pack their floors fool of such jobs it seems. 
  5. No decent outdoor space, once again with the trend, it’s cramped. So you can have your cig on a broken down sidewalk. 

Would love to hear your thoughts if you work or have worked at Capital BKC. 

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