How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent?

Find a Good Real Estate Agent

I’m sure you understand the benefits of hiring on a real estate agent since we discussed in our blog. But all that time, effort, money and sanity that you are trying to save by hiring one on will be in vain if you don’t find a good real estate agent. And how do you know that your guy can do a good job for you or not? Let us take you through a few steps that help safeguard your interest in the best way possible and help you find your perfect commercial property in Mumbai.

    1. RERA Certified– One of the most important criteria for selecting a good real estate agent is making sure they are RERA Certified. This will not only filter out the agents without experience or the required knowledge but also reinforce your faith that the person you are dealing with can be held accountable for his actions legally and this person can be trusted. Did I mention that Jagaha is RERA certified? Just saying!
    2. Experience– With inexperience comes error and when you are talking about transacting in crores of rupees, there’s little room for that. Experience is also important to know if you are not being ripped off by individuals who may be posing as an agent just to get paid the fraction of your purchase price as fees, and that individual is none other than the owner/client’s brother. Team Jagaha is well experienced with over three years in the commercial real estate sector in Mumbai and we are confident in providing you with an experienced real estate advisor to assist in your property search.
    3. Market Knowledge– Another way you can gauge experience is through the kind of market knowledge that your agent possesses. An agent should be able to speak about their market with complete fluency. If you are looking for offices, is your agent familiar with prices per square foot for office space for rent in BKC and all other prime areas? You may need another agent if yours cannot provide you with a thoughtful and educated advice. The location experts at Jagaha have spent a minimum of six months sourcing properties on the field, studying their respective locations and interacting with owners and this, in turn, helps them to provide the most realistic opinion of market trends to clients and landlords alike.
    4. Negotiation Skills– Your agent should have refined negotiation skills since it is your hard earned money that we are discussing here. If your agent cannot bring you a good deal, it’s probably because of the lack of one(or both) of the above skills. Good experience and market knowledge gives you a kind of confidence that nothing else can, and you need an agent who will be representing you and looking after what will work best for your business. This is one of the reasons why we believe that all prices are negotiable and team Jagaha only strives to get you the best deal possible.
    5. References– Does your agent have any good references? Have they closed any deals? What do their clients have to say about them? How prompt is their responsiveness? References are the best way to know for sure if the agent you are dealing with is ethical and prompt and the right person to get the job done for you. Jagaha has a healthy number of clients that would be happy to help you and if you would like a reference for our services, just give us a call at 9029000670 and we’ll get you in touch! 😉

Jagaha has an inventory of over 20000 commercial property listings in Mumbai on our commercial property portal and whether you are looking for offices for rent in Andheri West or office space for rent in Lower Parel, we can help. Just give us a call at 9029000670 or email us at