Types of Real Estate Brokers

types of real estate brokers

Being Mumbai’s largest commercial real estate portal as well as advisor team, Jagaha has faced our fair share of dealing with other real estate brokers in our field. Every time a client comes to our firm looking for office in Mumbai or restaurant for rent in Mumbai, they come with preconceived notions about who they are dealing with, and they are not always wrong.

Real estate advisors can range from being overly naive to absolutely eccentric and here are a few that we have witnessed during our own encounters:

1) The Loud Advisor – This type of Advisor loves to talk, doesn’t listen, cares more about conveying what he knows than what the client has to say. The private investigator sent by the client’s doubting wife – four tables away can overhear every single word of the conversation.

2) The Bachchan Advisor – Not Amitabh’s relative, the other kind of bachchan, the advisor who invites the client for an inspection but doesn’t have relevant properties to show. Frequently overpromising and under delivering.

3) The Aggressive Advisor– Our aggressive advisor gives the client the same update three times a day and shows urgency for inconsequential things – but because he is persistent, he has high potential to close deals faster than any of the others and inevitably have higher chances of success.

4) The Gyani baba – The Gyani Baba loves to educate. Every time a client wants to open a restaurant, he will make sure the client knows how to run one – down to the smallest detail. Has talent enough to run his own school.

5) The Lazy Advisor – Everything runs slowly with this advisor. The client has to call them, they revert after four days. By then, the client has already found the property.

6) The Nice One – This advisor is so nice that the client is not worried about being swindled in the property deal instead feels like cheating the nice advisor himself.

Disclaimer: Any of these could also be a positive experience depending on your own personality

Don’t get us wrong, we have also had positive experiences with advisors who possess these qualities and some of which have also been a part of our own team at Jagaha at some point! We are definitely not there anymore and are constantly improving due to company awareness and training.

Have you encountered real estate advisors like the above? We would like to know your thoughts! Let us know in the comments below.