The Job Title You Do Not Want.

Job Title

There is a job title here in India that is extremely disrespectful.

One of the great things about working in India is that employees can really focus on what’s important. They don’t have to worry about the nitty gritties like photocopying, getting a coffee or running errands. In Indian offices, expecially from my experience of office spaces in Mumbai, there’s support staff for everything and this is a huge reason why it makes it easy to work more efficiently and make the most productive use of our time. However, this support staff has a name and if you google this name, you’ll be shocked.

The name is, OFFICE BOY.

Some of you watching might be thinking to yourselves, ‘what’s the big deal? It’s a fourteen-year-old trying to make some money for himself or his family, so what? He’s a boy.’

Well firstly, he’s not a boy. More often than not, he’s a fifty-year-old man.
And secondly, although it’s not derogatory, it’s a poor choice of name for a position that helps the employees really add value to the company. The support staff is just as important as the employees themselves and they should not be called an ‘office boy’ when they simply are not boys. They’re men.

And why should they not be called an ‘Office Boy’? Well, it’s not the most inspiring position to have. It doesn’t make them want to move forward or do more for the company. It puts the person in a box. When they started working at the age of 22 and were given this title and now at the age of 52 they are still called ‘Office Boy’! It’s not very respectful, is it?

It’s time we changed the wording, especially because words matter. And because word matter, we’d like to see an end to the use of Office Boy as a job title with something more inspiring, that helps individuals feel motivated to do more.

Let us know your thoughts.

#MoveForward with Jagaha

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