Goal Setting Part 4

Goal setting


You made it to step number 4, and let me tell you, you are ahead of many of those that have taken the goal setting challenge and stopped midway. Moreover, you’re almost there in achieving your dreams!

We want you to stick with us through step number 4. As this step consists of where the work happens. Sorry to say, yes work, it’s not just the “Secret.”

Step Number 4 is putting in the work to get that goal you have been visualizing all along. While it is highly likely that most people stop at step number 3 and step number 4, we hope you stick it through because this will impact your goal setting journey is a massive way.

Step Number 4:

Break down your goal into smaller goals.

By this point of time, you have a measurable goal with a timeline. So assuming you have an annual goal to make a specific number in sales. Now, on the bright side, most people don’t have that, so you are already one step ahead. What will catapult you twenty steps ahead, is breaking it down into quarterly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals, and daily goals. There is no secret to success, it’s just putting in the work on a weekly, daily, and hourly basis. Building upon that growth daily is what will make the dream come to pass in the duration that you have decided for yourself.

The second most important part of this step:

Success begets Success

Having to hit this huge massive goal you have set for yourself can get overwhelming for most people. But small successes along the way make it much easier to hit those larger targets. Consider it practice. Having smaller goals enables you to add to your success over time. However, if you don’t break down your goals into smaller goals, it will be more than difficult to hit that large goal at the end of the year which could possibly make you depressed and shake your confidence. Failure breeds contempt, anger, bitterness and so it’s really important that you reach success milestones. Always have smaller measurable goals that build into your big, final oh-so-awesome goal.

This completes step 4 of Goal Setting. Stay tuned for Step Number 5.

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