The Wake Up Call

wake up call

A merry, snowy Christmas cheer is what Otis expected when he took a trip to the States to visit his family this Holiday season. After all, why not? That’s how it has been every year in Washington DC during Christmas, right? Well maybe not, but 45 degrees Fahrenheit isn’t too bad either. To add to the celebratory season, he was also asked to be best man for his best friend’s wedding – Otis was pumped!

However, it all began going downhill when Otis found himself with a stinging pain in the stomach on Christmas Eve. He never had any serious illness and was considerably healthy all his life so he brushed it off thinking it is just something minor only to be proved soon after he went to bed – he woke up shivering uncontrollably, despite being huddled under multiple blankets, he could not control the spastic movements that overtook him. The shivering only went down after a few minutes after he took a scolding hot shower.

That was the wakeup call for him.

He had not been taking care of his health and it was beginning to show, so much that during that evening he considered the chances of dying and joked about making his will. His mother and sister were afraid and that just intensified the need for him to take care of his health going forward. Cut to the day of the wedding when he stood at the altar feeling like he would pass out any moment. This was his best friend’s wedding, his best friend from the age of fourteen! This was not supposed to happen. He wanted to enjoy the wedding and participate in the celebration, but he went home after the speech (a speech that to be fair, according to Otis, he nailed!).

Why are we discussing this?

Because years from now, all the success will mean nothing if healthy to enjoy it. Health is indeed the most important asset that you have and Otis realized it now more than ever that he really needs to take good care of his body and namely, what he feeds his body.

And this is exactly what we want to share with you. You can’t #MoveForward in life if you’re not healthy. And if you’re not healthy, you won’t be able to follow your dreams even if you do, you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of what you’ve built over the years. All that will eventually be enjoyed by someone else who is not you – which is fine, but come on!

While there are days we all take our health for granted, let’s resolve this New Year to make sure we take care of ourselves more often and are mindful of what we put into our bodies. You have one body and one life. Take care of it and your body will thank you for years to come!


#MoveForward with Jagaha

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