How does a real estate agent get attention to their listings?

Real Estate agent

In today’s day, having an online presence goes beyond having an engaging profile on social media websites. An online presence is the biggest tool for lead generation and if your business isn’t online, it doesn’t exist. If you don’t feel that’s the case now, then wait a year or two or three.

To get to that stage, it is crucial to get to the front page of any search related to the listings, whether they are properties or products. Here’s where Search Engine Optimisation or commonly known as its abbreviation “SEO” comes in. The only way to get traffic to your listings is by making sure it’s at least in the first ten (the first page of Google), if not, and ideally, in the top five. Hardly anybody goes to the 2nd page for any search, do you?

Let me give you an example: Search Engine Optimization has worked really well for, being a commercial real estate start-up in Mumbai and we can say from experience that apart from quality customer service that retains our clients and thru references that have brought us more clients, it is also SEO that has played a major role in bringing us a constant stream of leads looking for commercial properties in Mumbai. We now rank at number one position for “Restaurants for rent in Mumbai” and on the first page for any other commercial property requirement like “office space for rent in Mumbai” or “shops for sale in Mumbai”.

If you’re looking for a tried and tested method for getting more traffic to your listings – your answer is SEO. It will take patience and hard work, but in the long term it’s the way to go and far beats spending money daily on ads.