Guide to Finding Commercial Property in Mumbai

commercial property in mumbai

Whether you’re a resident of Mumbai or not, finding commercial properties in Mumbai is no easy task. It’s a niche that is not catered to as extensively as residential real estate. As a result, most searches (if gone through a real estate website) are often met with disappointment as many listings turn to be fake or with unreliable & unverified information.

Having a good commercial real estate agent saves the time and hassle of meeting multiple dead-ends with these unverified properties – if you try it on your own, there’s no one else to be held responsible aside for yourself. The additional time spent looking for a property without an agent & the money spent on months of visits could be easily saved if you just approach a commercial property consultant. From where we sit, our clients certainly have been quite happy to have a professional help them land their property from start to finish.

Can you find a property on your own, absolutely! But will you spend your time wisely, absolutely not. Will you find the right property that will add value to your business, possibly, but you have a much better chance with a Mumbai commercial real estate agent.

Searching for a commercial property and failing is hard enough with an agent, let along by yourself. Otis Critchley was one of them that went thru the pain of trying to find a commercial property on his own. He observed that this commercial real estate niche is underserved and needed some more attention. So, he created!

Today, has over 170,00 verified properties in Mumbai on the website & database where the pictures, videos and every single piece of information on each property page has been personally verified by a member of the team through visits and only then uploaded. With free property listings, Jagaha has been able to build the database of properties that it has today. And with nearly 1,000 inquiries a month, Jagaha ranks as the most active commercial real estate portal in Mumbai, hands down.

Jagaha aims for quality customer service and only charges a brokerage amount when the deal gets closed through them. So far it’s the more legitimate and promising website out there for any commercial requirement.

Or you could go the longer (time, money and energy consuming) route and find the property through advertisement-based property sites. The choice is yours!