Interviewing – Don’t Do These 3 Things

Three things you shouldn't do in interviews

1)      Don’t Lie. Sometimes it’s genuinely not intentional, we had one woman who worked in real estate for a few years and when asked what deals she did, she named nearly every single shop including most of the big brands on Linking Road and Hill Road in Mumbai – it simply would not be possible & she certainly wasn’t able to answer any follow up questions regarding these details in any way shape or form. Please don’t confuse this with making yourself look as good as possible, please do that, but make sure any weaknesses in your resume or your career you can explain. Once you are caught lying in an interview, no quality employer will hire you on.

2)      If you did something unethical at a previous employer, do not bring up such acts in the interview. Nobody wants to hire someone who breaks the rules, it’s too much risk and why bring on someone that cheats, they could easily cheat the firm they work for as well. We had one candidate that worked at a developer that had a brokerage arm, when asked where he got his leads he simply said his friend works at, a completely different firm, and takes leads from that firm and gives it to him! You may think you ‘jugaad’d’ for the company you worked for and I know your heart is in the right place, but what you have to understand is what is unethical and/or illegal, and what is not. No employer wants to bring someone on who could be a potential lawsuit for the firm. Lastly, don’t do anything unethical or illegal!

3)  Don’t cancel the interview come what may and if you are running late then message ahead. In Mumbai showing up 10 to 15 minutes late is not abnormal, but don’t even let this happen. Show up early and prepare mentally for the interview as you wait. I can’t tell you how many tragedies have happened the day of the interview day, how many injuries and unexpected hospital visits have occurred. If the employer has no other choice, they may call you back, but if there are a number of candidates, you are off the list. How can you expect the employer to hire & expect you to be a star on the team if can’t even show the self-discipline to show up on time?

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