Give the Best Diwali Gift to Yourself

Gift Yourself the Best Gift this Diwali

Do you want to take your business to the next level? Move up the ranks at your company? Become the top revenue generator at your firm? Do you want to be successful? Then this Diwali, give yourself a gift.

The best gift you can give yourself this Diwali is an investment in self. It’s a simple concept, but it’s also difficult as it requires continuous daily work for years and years. And that consistent hard-work, that grind, is the reason most don’t become successful.

What do most people do? Most people are on the constant search for getting something for nothing. It’s literally the least likely way to become successful, but we do it in part because humans are naturally a bit lazy, but also the media is to blame. Around the world, we love hearing about the most recent lottery winner or that startup that just after a few months launching is now valued at some incredible valuation – mind you this is news, and by definition, news is what is outside the norm by a considerable margin.

What is not news? Hearing about the 90% plus start-ups that don’t make it past their first year or the person who has played the lottery their entire lives and has never won. These examples are the norm so by definition is not news, not to mention that nobody wants to hear about people losing.

When you are starting out, the amount of money you can make if you invest in yourself is far more and far more reliable than anything else. But instead, people research how they can make money without doing anything…. “passive investments,” “stock investments,” “real estate investments”…. Worry about investing once you have a surplus of money that you have made. No stock in the market will reliably give you as good of a return as investing in yourself, not even close.

Investing in yourself today & every day going forward is very similar to the effects of compounding interest. You won’t see much change today, but over time you will start to see the effects of compounding interest and after 5 to 10 to 20 to 30 years the results of investing in yourself, just like compounding interest, will be awesome! And just like compounding interest the earlier you start investing in yourself the better off you will in more ways than one.

So this Diwali, give the gift of self-investment to yourself every single day without fail. It may seem like a slow process (and it will be WAY slower than you anticipate), it will be tough & tiring, you will be tested frequently, but it’s the only truly tried way & the most reliable way to become successful.

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