Don’t Hire Freshers

Hire Freshers

Here in India, ‘freshers’ are new graduates & in short, make it a rule, keep it simple, don’t hire freshers.

This is rough, no doubt about it. It’s already hard enough for young people to land an internship let alone your first job. The truth is that although freshers are going to generally be less expensive in terms of salary when you look at it from a net cost perspective, freshers generally are actually arguably the most costly.

Let me put it another way, hiring freshers is more often than not like buying a really cheap product, you would have been better off spending a bit more money and get something of higher quality so that you don’t have to continue to go back to the store to get another cheap product, to have the product fixed and replaced etc etc. It would have saved you much more time, energy & money to just not be chindi and buy that higher quality product.

Most freshers won’t complete a year at their first firm, no matter where they are and during that time the firm will have to spend far too much time training them up to do their job and then on top of that firm will have the duty of teaching these new graduates the basics and when I say basics it’s THE basics, like showing up on time, not taking breaks every fifteen minutes, not playing video games or going on their personal social media in the office all day and most importantly they likely won’t appreciate what they have no matter how great their first company is because:

1) they have no frame of reference

2) their expectations are too high (many of them come in thinking will it be 2 years or 3 years before I become CEO, and I literally mean that).

It’s far better to pay up for someone with experience, whether in your field or not, BUT I would still recommend going for those with four to five years of experience minimum. They know what’s up, they are sick of moving around, they know that work isn’t all fun and a great deal of it is a grind & hard work. For those with experience, play time is over and they are ready to start taking their working life seriously. And if your firm can provide a space where you respect their skills, give these mid to late twenties, early thirties room to make their own decisions, you will largely not be disappointed. They will be more appreciative and grateful and they will be able to produce. But make sure you utilize their skills and experience if you don’t… then that’s on you.

Before I conclude, there is one exception to the not hire freshers rule – if you have a large company, a very large company, that has exact tasks to be done like assembly line tasks if you will, and each recruiting class requires dozens upon dozens of new hires, then yes hiring freshers is a great idea. For large firms, this is essentially a way to weed out the bad ones & promote the good ones as well. Again, this one works if you are a large well-oiled machine with all processes, procedures and actual work in place and to boot an excellent well run HR machine to hire, fire & promote.

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