5 Keys for Recruitment in India

5 keys for recruitment

If you own your own company in India or are a hiring manager in India and are looking for best talent to join your organization, then this is a must read or you can watch the video. Below from our experience at Jagaha.com, we have compiled fives keys/pieces of advice for recruitment in India.

1)      First off, it’s important to have the mindset that you are lucky & fortunate to have the candidate come to your office, not the other way around. There are many people in their twenties looking for jobs all over India, there are only so many of high quality. The absolute number of quality candidates is actually shockingly small so be thankful if an angel is sitting in front of you!

2)      With that said, recruitment is the most important job for senior managers and owners of companies. If the most successful business people in the world, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, feel that it is important to interview the first few hundred if not thousand employees personally – you can do the same. There is a reason why. Great people are what make a company thrive. Also another reason to not give this job off to another member of your team is that they likely won’t be able to explain the vision with the same amount of passion. Additionally, in the early stages of your firm, you will have to deal with an immense amount of rejection from candidates for various reasons, so that employee of yours will have to weather the storm of negativity from candidates about your firm – don’t put them thru this, have them focus on growing your company instead.

3)      Just a salary is not enough for this generation (don’t get me wrong, you have to pay a competitive salary) – millennials in India and those younger are looking for a purpose as well. India is at a crossroads. This generation is here to take India to the next level, the last generation frankly did not do good job – this generation knows that & has this responsibility on their shoulders and wants to get India to the next level. With that said, make sure during the recruitment process you demonstrate how your firm is and will be part of that voyage, Jai Hind!

4)      Show the path of growth, not only at an individual level, but from a firm level. Go into detail about your plans for growth for the firm, where you see the firm in the future and how that person can fit in. Make sure that you present a picture of you and the candidate on a victory lap at some point later on.

5)      Compliment, yes compliment. This one may sound odd, but if you find something remarkable about the candidate say it right then and there, why wait. Here in India compliments from ‘higher ups’ are not the norm and who doesn’t love a compliment. The rule here, is make sure it’s genuine. And if the candidate feels good, they are more likely to want work at a frim that makes them feel good. It is important to demonstrate that you and your firm do show appreciation and giving a compliment during recruitment is a great way to show that love.

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