Q&A Series with Otis Critchley – What is the best advice for someone who wants to invest in real estate?


Make sure you have an appropriate time horizon. Firstly, if you need the money in the coming years, it’s best not to tie up your money in not so liquid real estate. If looking out more than five years than we would suggest you look at investing in real estate with the best advice being…. invest in an area that you have experience with & that you know well. If you really enjoy that location for whatever reason, then likely others will as well (or already do). I would not get to speculative with your first real estate deal, choose the core areas or soon to be core areas of a city that already have a relatively strong market, this will protect one’s downside. This is one of the reasons we have chosen BKC as our number one choice for properties in Mumbai and why we are bullish over the long term on Mumbai real estate.