Q&A Series with Otis Critchley – How do I list a property for sale & lease and where?

How to upload property to Jagaha

It’s a simple process, at least at Jagaha.com. Currently, you can put your name, telephone number and email in the respective section on our homepage or you can call us or you can email us at property@jagaha.com and aside from coordinating with a member of our commercial real estate team, you don’t have to do much of anything else. We do all the work for you! We will show up to your property take all the visuals and information we need to best sell or rent your property then hand it over to our operations team whose job is to create a URL of your property where Jagaha’s large user base can inquire. We have a team of commercial real estate agents that take these inquiries and will give information regarding the inquired property, but also will offer other properties on our site as per the client’s specifications.