Q&A Series with Otis Critchley – How much do I have to pay an agent to help me find a commercial property in Mumbai?

Commercial Real Estate Payment

It depends if the property in Mumbai is for rent or for sale. If looking to buy a property, you will have to pay the agent 1% of brokerage for all re-sale properties (if buying what is called a ‘primary property,’ brand new from the developer himself/herself, the developer will pay your brokerage). And when it comes to commercial spaces for rent in Mumbai, the amount owed is dependent on how long the lease term is agreed upon. For lease terms under three years, it’s one month’s brokerage and for three years to five years it’s two months brokerage and for over five years the fee you will be responsible to pay is three month’s brokerage.
Please note that the brokerage fees are the same in Mumbai regardless of whether it’s a commercial property or a residential property.