Improve your Property’s Visibility

Free Property Marketing in Mumbai

Are you looking to sell or rent your property in Mumbai? If so, we can help.

The two ways to improve your property’s visibility, and thus increase inquires and thus increase the number of inspections for the property and thus improve the chances of landing a suitable tenant or buyer, are to market your property both online as well as offline.

To get your Mumbai property listed on, all you have to do is call us, email or go to our homepage, and enter in your contact info then a member of the property team will reach out to you and do all the work – tell Jagaha when & where to come to your property and we’ll do all the work from taking pictures, videos, noting all the relevant information about your property and then uploading it to our site. You practically don’t have to do a thing.

Ok, so it’s 2018, and people are becoming more aware of the immense power of online marketing (and they are 100% correct) but offline marketing, marketing in the flesh, in real life, is not dead. From our experience a combination of the online marketing as well as offline marketing are paramount to a successful Mumbai real estate transaction and surely would be applicable to anywhere in the world. So how can we help you market your property offline? You can find it in this video below or read along..

We will put up one of our very visible red & white signs that has had a tremendous track-record in increasing visibility and thus increasing inquires for the properties in which we have done so far. In fact, a Jagaha sign on one’s property has led to a massive increase in the number inquires and a ten-fold increase in the number of inspections. If interested in maximizing your chances for a successful transaction, please email us at with the email subject “Jagaha Signage” and a member of our marketing team will reach out to you to discuss the same.  

Ok sounds great, but what’s the cost for Jagaha’s online & offline marketing campaign?

It’s absolutely free. We pay for all the costs of the member of Jagaha’s property team to come to your property take the pictures, for the operations to upload your property, for cost of the signage to putting up the sign, to the inspections…. So how do we get paid then?

We only get paid when we close the deal for you. Another way to put it, we only ask for payment once we have first filled your pockets.

At, we believe that unless we provide value for you that we should be paid. We believe that although efforts are appreciated that at the end of the day results are all that actually matter. Jagaha is a results focused Mumbai commercial real estate marketing and commercial real estate agency and are ready to add value to you as soon as possible.    

Now let’s get your commercial property in Mumbai visible offline & online!