Increase Your Property’s ROI

properties in Mumbai

The team at Jagaha has been visiting properties in Mumbai for over two years and of those 15,000+ commercial properties that we’ve visited, we have seen far too many that were in disastrous shape.

Often times the property itself is fine, it’s just that the commercial space has not been cleaned or taken care of for far too long. After months of neglect the nastiness builds up from dirt to dust to trash to pigeon poo and then on top of that without proper ventilation, there can also be a funky smell!   

Have you figured out what we are going to suggest to those looking to sell or rent their properties in Mumbai? We have addressed it in this video below.

The least expensive & most effective way to increase your property’s ROI is to take care of it especially when it is on the market to be sold or rented. has its own commercial real estate agency where we take clients out on inspections and although some clients are able to envision what a dirty space would look like clean, some have just turned around and walked out of the property – a property that could have been the right fit if it was just cleaned! It’s so simple.

Cleaning one’s property is not only simple, it’s inexpensive. If we were in Europe for instance, it would be relatively expensive to hire someone to come by one’s property to clean it a bi-weekly basis, but here in Mumbai – it’s not. Properties in Mumbai range from let’s say a value of 50 lakh to over 50 crore, either way, do the math, having someone clean your property for a few thousand rupees per month to increase the chances of a transaction and/or to charge more rent or for sale is most certainly worth it.

We encourage all owners of properties in Mumbai to take this extra step of taking care of their vacant properties. In short, it’s a smart, effective and inexpensive way to increase your property’s ROI.