Mumbai Metro Line 3

Mumbai metro line 3, line 3

Connecting Office Spaces in BKC to Colaba

If you have been to the prime commercial property sites in Mumbai recently, you have seen non-stop construction right off the roads and have likely seen these lime green billboards up. They are kind of cool looking actually (they did copy the color of’s office though!)

Mumbai metro line 3The sign says it all: “Mumbai Metro Line 3 – Colaba-Bandra-Seepz – Fully Underground.” There will be an underground metro line that connects the most important commercial hubs from the South to North in the City. It start from Cuffee Parade with the notable stops being Churchgate, CST Metro, Grant Road, Mumbai Central, Mahalaxmi, Worli, BKC, both the airports (domestic & international) & MIDC.  Take a look a look at the map for more detail:If you are familiar with Mumbai, you will see that this one metro line basically covers the most important commercial real estate property sites in the City. It’s hard to say which is the most significant access point, but we would have to go with BKC – office spaces in BKC house the who’s who in terms of international corporates as well as domestics where many would consdier it the commercial property site of Mumbai and arguably all of India. And as of the last two years the ability for employees to access (& more importantly leave) their respective office spaces in BKC has become increasingly congested as more and more firms choose BKC for their office space for rent. We wrote an article about this that details the issue of congestion in BKC (The Problem with Office Space in BKC) and very happy to say that Mumbai Metro Line 3 will very much improve the quality of office goers lives in BKC and beyond!

Its estimated that this metro line and the others popping up around Mumbai will decrease the amount of daily traffic considerably, by 35% . In the meantime, the car traffic is mounting up, but we figure this is a perfect case of “one step back, for two steps forward.” So until Mumbai Metro Line 3 is ready in December 2021 – stay strong Mumbai, it’ll be more than worth it!

And if looking for office space for rent in Mumbai or a property in Mumbai for investment purposes, we would have start looking as early as this year to find a property within walking distance of one of the access points on Line 3!