2018 Trends for Office Spaces in Mumbai

Office Spaces in Mumbai

2016 was the year of the start-ups in India and what came with it was an awesome wave of American start-up culture making many feel they too could become startup heroes. The idea of starting your own company is certainly not new to one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world, India, and even less so for those that live and come to Mumbai to realize their business dreams.

The taste of start-up success has led to 2017 being the year of coworking spaces in Mumbai and across the entire country for that matter, where freelancers and “startups” nearly fully filled many of the coworking spaces across the Mumbai metro area.

Needless to say, 2017 built-in 2016 and we would expect 2018 to build on 2017. So what’s in store for 2018?

From an office space standpoint, in 2018 we predict that the American start-up culture that took hold in 2016 & the number of cool & hip co-working spaces in India in 2017 will permeate into how office spaces in Mumbai will be transformed in 2018 across small firms to large corporates.


open workspace

The last two years office spaces in Mumbai startups & at coworking spaces have promoted “open workspaces” – this seems to be far more than a trend. We would expect that very few architect will get the call to build cubicles for office spaces for rent in Mumbai, but instead will build large and open spaces where colleagues can easily communicate, share ideas and enjoy the company of one another (this is certainly one of the main reasons coworking spaces flourished in 2017 in India). An open workspace will help recruit new talent and actually lower costs as workspaces use space far more efficiently than the likes of cubicle office spaces and the likes.


Glassconference room

Are you sensing a trend? Yes, more transparency & more “community” – there will be more and more firms that will want their office spaces fully transparent in every way shape and form and in addition to open workspaces, more and more conference rooms will be completely glass to meet this end of promoting community. Some refer to these conference rooms as “fish-tanks.” Glass conference rooms will further push the sense of community and team within an organization. If a firm has the money when designing their office on rent in Mumbai, one should consider putting the “fish tank” in the middle of the office as to not take up any valuable space near the window that may better to use for employees’ workspace.


Light & Colors workspaces

That brings us to our last point, more natural light & more bright colors – a bright office environment only adds to the backdrop of creating a welcoming & friendly office space that will likely encourage an uplifting working atmosphere. Granted, there is a heck of a lot more to just a bright office space to create such a mood, but increasing the amount of natural light and adding more bright colors (especially if natural light is not accessible) is extremely important not only for a firm’s current staff, but also for recruitment purposes. If a firm is looking to recruit talented twenty-somethings then the company’s respective office space in Mumbai is expected to be upbeat, friendly and cool…. In this day in age, nothing says “lame” like a dark office space (let alone depressing), especially when competing with other firms that have not only embraced natural light & bright colors but glass conference rooms and open workspaces as well!

Good luck with your next office space in Mumbai, and more importantly for the success of your company. The team at Jagaha.com is here to help – Move forward!