Tearing it Down – Mumbai

Tearing it Down Mumbai

The fire last week in Lower Parel, Mumbai that cost over a dozen people their lives has lead the BMC (The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai also known as Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) to step up its efforts to tear down illegal restaurants for rent & shops for rent in Mumbai or at the very least, the portion that was built illegally.

However, to be fair, the BMC has picked up the intensity of tearing down illegal structures a few months back. In our backyard, Toto’s, a famous watering hotel in Bandra, has had its face essentially demolished and then just this weekend on Linking Road, the BMC came in wiped out all of the illegally erected shops that have come up and have been there for years upon years. Take a look at the pics!

Tearing It Down Mumbai Tearing It Down Mumbai
Tearing It Down Mumbai Tearing It Down Mumbai

It’s no doubt a pain for these shopkeepers who likely have paid their dues in one way or another to have their shop for rent open month after month and year after year to then have to deal with it being torn down and it’s also sad that a fire had to take the lives of those poor souls to get things moving quickly. With that said, it’s absolutely terrific to see law & order taking over Mumbai. The BMC will make Mumbai not only a safer place, but also a more fair and equitable place for those looking to open or expand their own shops, showrooms or restaurants.

Our hearts go out to those that lost their lives in Kamala Mills, may their lives save the lives of many in the future, not only in Mumbai but across all cities in this great country.