Coworking Spaces Over Home or Cafés

Coworking Spaces Over Home or Cafes

A number of freelancers still opt to work from home and local cafés over finding an office space for rent. Some do it to save money, while some do it to maintain a better work-life balance, and some simply just love their homes or local cafe. Though working outside of a proper office space may save money in terms of rent, and to some it may be more comfortable and less expensive, working from home or a local cafe comes with its own cons. The very first of which is distraction. Yes, working from home and café can be very distracting because some days your siblings will decide to play loud music, and sometimes it will be your parents that keep asking when you will get a ‘real job,’ and your kids will certainly take up any extra moment free you have and likely much more and on some days even your pet will decide to shower you with extra love. Not only may other people (or animals) distract you, all the fun toys around your house may be used more than they should from deciding to re-watch Game of Thrones to that romance novel that you can’t put down. It’s not only distraction, but the lack of social interaction can also lead to loneliness and potentially slow growth. All these issues, just to name a few, can put a major dent in the face of your productivity and the future of your business. And while working from a coffee shop, you will face noise (perhaps neighbourhood gossip) and privacy issues.

On the other hand, many in Mumbai (our home market), have decided to not opt for the traditional office space for rent and instead more freelancers are choosing coworking spaces in Mumbai as the perfect blend of a home and café environment which integrates professionalism and comfort. And in turn, coworking spaces ultimately increases productivity and improve the chances of business growth. Working in a co-working space comes with a number of perks such as a new business contacts where from our experience many who opt for coworking spaces in Navi Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai tend expand their networks that leads to new clients and collaborations and more likely being in such a space leads to producing new ideas. Expanding your business may be more difficult when one works from home, it’s limiting in a sense. A co-working space will also give you a sense of connectedness with likeminded people who are there to work which is absent in a home environment. Lastly, we would say, if you are paying for a coworking space, you are likely to work a bit harder and take longer breaks than you would at your home or a café.

In the end we would say, if you are a freelance, do try out a co-working space, go be a part of a community which will help you and your business bloom and breathe, away from all the distractions, go increase your focus, go make a new home away from home.

If searching for co-working space in Mumbai, below is a short list of some awesome spaces that you may want to consider.

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