BKC Office’s – Maker Maxity

Maker Maxity

There are more than enough offices spaces in Mumbai to choose from let alone different commercial property sites, but given that office space in BKC is some of the most sought after in all of Mumbai, we wanted to feature one particular development that is considered by many to have the best commercial buildings in Mumbai and that has some of the best office space in Mumbai for that matter, and this commercial property site is Maker Maxity in BKC.

The price tag for this BKC office space has been the highest in the City and up there with the most expensive out of all Indian property locations, such as Connaught Place in Delhi. The price tag for office space in BKC’s Maker Maxity, even back in 2011, was reported to be over Rs.400 rupees per sq. ft. to rent this office space in BKC. Prices for office space for rent have actually come off since then as there has been consolidation in the banking industry which is one of the biggest office space users in BKC; nevertheless, to rent office space in BKC’s Maker Maxity will still cost a company well over Rs. 300 per sq. ft. per month where it maintains itself as one of the most expensive commercial buildings in Mumbai to find office space for rent.

Each of Maxity’s five towers are about 10 stories tall, the first is taken up by BNP Paribas and the last commercial building for rent in BKC‘s Maker Maxity has been taken up by RBS. And in between there are other financial institutions, multiple funds, a gym, a few restaurants and IT companies — all very reputable companies have taken up office space for rent in BKC’s Maker Maxity. If looking for office space in BKC and want to be surrounded by some of the best global companies, offices in BKC’s Maker Maxity may be a perfect fit.

Aside from being in Mumbai’s main commercial property site, BKC, this commercial building development is well situated as it’s right at the entrance of BKC so the time to leave the commercial building and exit BKC during rush hour is limited where as if your firm finds an office space for rent in BKC elsewhere there tends to be a traffic jam from 5 pm to 7:30 pm or so as one leaves one’s office space in BKC. Anything to reduce the commute time for your employees from your office space for rent in Mumbai will be very much welcomed. This commercial building in BKC is also in walking distance from Bandra Station and given that many employees take the train to their office space in BKC on the Western Line, it’s only another reason to consider your next office space in BKC to be in Maker Maxity.

Last but not least, the grounds and office spaces themselves are built at truly Grade A quality and comes with plenty of security and grounds keepers that keep this commercial building complex spotless and in perfect shape day after day. For instance, each building window washers come by and clean the commercial building every two weeks, keeping the look of these commercial buildings in BKC perfect.

If interested in an office space for rent in Maker Maxity or an office on rent in BKC, let us know. At our online property site, we have more office properties with us than anyone else in the market, which includes other commercial property agents and even more office spaces for rent and/or sale than Magicbricks Mumbai and 99acres Mumbai. Our team of Mumbai commercial real estate experts are here and happy to help with any of your property in Mumbai needs.