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East Mumbai, which we categorize as Wadala, Sewari, Mazgaon, Guru Tegh Bahadur Nagar (GTB), sits along the eastern edge of Mumbai. East Mumbai has traditionally been the industrial hub of Mumbai, but is slowly transforming into a more diversified commercial & residential area.

Wadala, Sewari, Mazgaon, Guru Tegh Bahadur Nagar (GTB) is home to a number of industrial & shipping companies and to a very large middle class population. In turn, retail space for shops, showrooms, leisure & hospitality businesses that serve the middle class neighbourhood are increasingly in demand. We would suggest opening up a retail location in East Mumbai whether it be a restaurant, bar, shop, café, showroom, gym, salon etc. Not to mention that East Mumbai retail properties can be leased and bought at far more reasonable prices than its neighbours to the north and west.

Similar to retail properties, East Mumbai offices are often less expensive when compared to the rest of Mumbai. East Mumbai has a higher proportion of older office buildings where office plates range from small 500 square feet spaces to over 10,000 square feet properties.

In terms of connectivity, East Mumbai has easy access to a number of flyovers, the Eastern Express Highway, the BEST’s Wadala depot (largest bus depot in Mumbai) and the mono rail that connects East Mumbai to the suburban railway stations.

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