Jagaha.com will be Mumbai’s first and premiere dedicated commercial real estate website.

We will be launching in 10 days with over 1,000 direct commercial properties and will likely have 10,000 properties in the coming months. The momentum is certainly on our side with 700 brokers that have already signed up with us, 13,000 Facebook likes, 4 articles published about Jagaha.com etc.

This is a phenomenal time to be a part of a tech start up in India/Mumbai and real estate is never a bad field to get into. Not to mention that we think it is commercial real estate’s time to shine over the coming years.

Housing.com started June 2012 and by November 2015 they were valued at 1500Cr. And here’s a few other start-ups that we’re big fans of Groeger started Dec 2013 and by Oct 2015 were worth 2400Cr, Ola started in 2010 and as of Sept 2015 were worth 30,000Cr and Wassup (a laundry company) started in 2011 and as of Nov 2016 are worth 360Cr.

Our goal is to be valued at 650Cr ($100M) in the next 2.5 to 3.5 years; this is doable: our product is top tier, there is a massive need for our portal, commercial real estate is big money and our product is scaleable.

We are ambitious and we are looking for ambitious Mumbai real estate professionals to join our team.

What we are looking for:

Mumbai Real Estate Experience (Minimum 2-3 years) 

Experience Closing Real Estate Deals from start to finish for both Sale and Lease 

Entrepreneurial, Ambitious, Hardworking, Punctual, Team Player 

If interested, please contact us at [email protected] with your resume (all resumes will be looked at with the highest level of confidentially) and we will be in touch if we think you are a good fit.

Thank you, The Jagaha Team

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