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How Jagaha differs from other property sites?

Today it’s clear that not all Indian property sites are the same, differs from other property sites in a multitude of ways. is different from other Indian property sites in that we simply make the Mumbai commercial real estate search easier & more successful for Indian property seekers. From initial search of commercial properties in Mumbai to assisting in closing the deal for retail & office space properties in Mumbai, we are confident you will see how differs from other property sites.


The Indian properties in Mumbai, listed at , undergo "in-person verification" by our staff. The Commercial Buildings, office space & retail properties in Mumbai are real. The pictures & videos of our properties in Mumbai are real. The info of our properties in Mumbai is real. If looking for a trusted source for your Mumbai Indian property search, is the right Indian property site.


If searching for Indian property, namely Mumbai office space, Commercial Buildings, retail space or any other commercial property in Mumbai for sale or rent, our dedicated Mumbai commercial property team is happy to strategize & locate your next commercial property in Mumbai. Our team looks forward to assisting you with your Mumbai commercial real estate needs from start to finish.


Our specialty is commercial properties in Mumbai from Commercial Buildings to office space to retail space. We are extremely knowledgeable, informed and experienced. Developers & landlords have trusted with over 15,000 commercial properties in Mumbai. In turn, has the largest inventory of commercial properties in Mumbai. Jagaha is commercial property in Mumbai.


Our Indian Property Story

In 2013, our parent company had a fairly standard real estate agency in Mumbai, the Mumbai real estate agency was doing primarily residential properties in Mumbai with a focus on expats in an upscale neighbourhood called Bandra.

In 2014 we were asked by a foreign firm if we could also find them a Mumbai office space for rent, not wanting to turn business down, we said absolutely. With our limited experience, our residential team went out looking for office space for rent on 99acres Mumbai, Magicbricks Mumbai and through our existing Mumbai real estate agency network. Long story short, it was an inefficient mess with too many unverified Mumbai office spaces to filter through on 99acres Mumbai & Magicbricks Mumbai; to boot, it was very difficult coordinating with over two dozen Mumbai realtors to just do one proper inspection for Mumbai office space for rent. We were initially frustrated, but with the problems that arose of inefficiency and lack of transparency in the Mumbai commercial real estate space came with it an opportunity to improve the Indian property market place. And that is what we intended to do.

In early 2015 we started planning our Indian property site, we came up with a name, Jagaha. Jagaha means place in Hindi and we found it quite fitting as our goal is to improve the Indian property market place. We started development of our website,, in June 2015.

On April 22nd 2016, after over four months of beta, launched with 3,000 direct commercial properties in Mumbai.

Today, our Indian property site is transforming the search for Indian properties with our entire focus being on office space, Commercial Buildings and all retail commercial space for rent or sale in Mumbai. has over 15,000 commercial properties in Mumbai direct with us, giving us the largest inventory of commercial properties in Mumbai. Not only are the properties in Mumbai direct with us, but we have a greater number of commercial properties at than even the incumbents Magicbricks Mumbai or 99acres Mumbai. Additionally, Jagaha has the most active team in Mumbai’s commercial real estate market as we do more Mumbai commercial real estate inspections than any other firm in this segment of the Indian property market place.

We have just begun our story and we are humble and grateful for all the initial support in what can be a very challenging Indian property market for our clients. Jagaha is committed to making the search for Indian property, specifically commercial properties in Mumbai, as effortless and as successful as possible. Thank you.

Our Indian Property Mission

Jagaha’s mission is to improve the Indian property search experience from start to finish by providing transparency and improving efficiency through the use of technology and excellent customer service.

We understand that our client’s time is precious, to add value to the Indian property search must invest & innovate in making the process of searching for Indian properties and closing the deal on Indian properties as efficient & as successful of a process as imaginable.Not to mention that at, we very much understand that choosing the correct Indian property in Mumbai adds to our client’s bottom line –Jagaha must assist in every possible way, from start to finish, in fulfilling our client’s Indian property needs and objectives.

We believe that if Jagaha exhibits integrity & provides the highest quality service via technology and customer service, will have trust-based and long-term relationships with all our clients in the Indian property market place.


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